Incredible. Flawless. A red-hot dress in the shape of a red hot heart. The epitome of L O V E.

Welcome to the illusion of perfection! LA LA LAND!

Reality Check

True, this town is picture perfect. In fact, many times, life can be seemingly perfect in this town. Statuesque palm trees and models glistening in the effervescent sunshine. Iconic symbols such as Rodeo Drive and the Hollywood sign perpetually reinforce the perception of perfection.

So, what more could this Red Hot Mama Want?

In the midst of me primping for the Oscars, I learned my BFF’s cancer has returned. The world stopped once again for all of us.

Round 3.

I am simply at a loss for words.

Life is NOT Fair

Life is not fair. Courageous. Strong. Fearless. Kind. Loving. Just a few qualities to describe my BFF. Simply a wonderful human being.

We are both the same age; grew up not far from each other; she has a beautiful husband, children, family; we share the same values. However, she has cancer, and I do not.

Cancer, my friends, is the absolute life game changer.

Looking for the Laughter

Writing has always been the vehicle for me to cope with life’s curveballs. I love to poke fun at myself and accentuate my flaws. Aging, menopause, gray hair, wrinkles, disintegrating teeth, and a weak bladder are all life’s potholes. But not cancer.

It is hard for me to laugh today. But this is not about me, it is about my BFF, the person who fills my life with love and friendship.

I am taking a day off from my Oscar preparation.

And the Oscar goes to…her.

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