Who needs friends when you have those anti-aging injectables!

A Blessed Miracle

Praise My dermatologist. Bless her heart. My savior.

I love going to her office. I shut my phone off, and just focus on me. It is wonderful. An office filled only with women — what a world. C

Who knew a dermatologist offers a menu of services. It’s like going to a diner! So much to choose from, so little time, and so expensive!

Apparently, the ‘new’ look is called the ‘natural look’.

You betcha girlfriends! The ‘plastic’ look is out!

My menu choices for today could be Botox, fillers, lasers, lipo, thermage and…saving the best for last… vaginal rejuvenation.

Mind you, I opted only for fillers on my face. That’s enough thank you very much.

COVID and Anti-aging

We all know this past year has been such a drag. The never-ending pandemic.

However, what I gleaned from the lost year of 2020, is that wearing a mask is the #1 answer to anti-aging. Everybody biatches and moans about masks, but no one ever considers the benefits!

Forget about COVID, if you can. The mask hides our faces! A miracle of all miracles! I did not touch my face for a year!! Well… just a teensy-weensy bit of Botox for my forehead.

Too bad no one thought of creating the COVID Head bag. OMG! We could have totally stopped all coloring and cutting of hair throughout the pandemic. Not to mention not worrying about forehead lines and crow’s feet.


Woke up this morning (a blessing in and of itself), and no bruising after a morning at the Dermatologist! My prayers were answered, those lines are fading away. See you in 6 months!

The GODdess Tracy Anderson

I texted the GODdess yesterday… did she respond?

You betcha girlfriends! A friend in need is a friend indeed!

Let’s face it. I have been working out with the GODdess like forever. The results speak for themselves. Hello Oscar!

Catwalk Practice

Today I rehearse the catwalk strut in my 4″ Jimmy Choo Stilettos. The galley kitchen is my runway! So exciting! The key is to practice early, before my feet are too swollen to actually fit in the heels. Not easy being dainty!

I need to vacuum and wash the floor first. I previously informed y’all I am a total klutz. With my luck, I will trip on a piece of my dog Latte’s kibble, and slide across the catwalk into her bowl of water. Oy vey!

Stay tuned… So much to do, so little time!

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