Protesting in Los Angeles

This is the only way I can vent my frustration at decision making in Los Angeles during a pandemic.

Just as the people of Los Angeles receive a glimmer of hope to end the pandemic, Mayor Garcetti decides to ‘go rogue’ and defy the CDC and CA State Guidelines to issue COVID vaccines to people who are 65 and over, and younger people with underlying medical conditions.

Garcetti claims that he must first vaccinate all LA health care workers and was unable to do so in one month. I do not understand. Does LA have more health care workers than NYC? NYS, which includes NYC, follows CDC guidelines, and has begun to vaccinate the general population.

LA is an epicenter of the pandemic in California yet remains the only county not to follow CA and CDC guidelines to administer COVID vaccines.

The people of Los Angeles continue to live under a lockdown that has no end in sight. In addition, LA residents witness rising COVID infection rates and deaths on a daily basis.

Why is Garcetti subjecting his constituents to this nightmare? The only answer is that Garcetti does not want to ever get elected to another public office.

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