Get Your Ass Off the Couch! The Dean of Admissions is Coming!

High School Juniors On Deck For The 2021–2022 Application Cycle

Attention all high school juniors! Drag your lazy asses off the couch! Now is not the time to play video games, facetime with friends, binge Netflix, or do whatever it is that you do during the wasteland of a COVID inspired day.

Wake up juniors, you are next in line to apply to college. The Dean of Admissions is knocking at your door.

College admissions offices never closed during COVID. It continues to be business as usual for the 2020–2021 college application cycle.

High School Seniors knew that Admissions was opened for business and they played the cards they were dealt. These applicants used the COVID wild card to their advantage and blindsided Admissions offices with an unprecedented number of Early Decision (“ED”) and Early Acceptance (“EA”) applications for the freshman class of 2025.

In truth, the Deans across the country did not know what the application landscape would like this year, because they did not know the full impact COVID had on an applicant’s personal/family life, academics, and financial stability.

As it turns out, some high school students are emerging from COVID as modern-day gladiators. They are strong, resilient, and focused. These shrewd seniors knew submitting college applications early increased their odds for acceptance. Now that is how you play the admissions game!

The College Application Process Starts Now!

Hence the reason why juniors must start the college application process in January. Keep in mind the Dean of Admissions waits for no one. If a high school junior does not actively begin the college search now, no worries. You snooze, you will lose. Based on the current ED and EA application numbers this year, students are jumping over each other in their vain attempt to get accepted to a top tier college.

All the more reason why it is incumbent upon high school juniors to develop a game plan early on in this process. Future applicants need a strong offensive line of attack to optimize their chances to get accepted to the college of their dreams.

One rule of thumb in the admissions game is to learn from the previous college application year. All students who apply for the 2021–2022 cycle must anticipate a competitive field of highly talented and accomplished applicants who will apply en masse ED and EA. The Dean will have thousands of qualified applicants to choose from for a coveted freshman seat.

WISEWORDS: Be prepared to play your “A” game when you apply to college this fall 2021.

All juniors must learn the Admissions Game rules to have any chance of success. The Dean of Undergraduate Admissions determines the rules of engagement at their respective college, which are the college admissions requirements.

The Dean wants qualified applicants who have either met or exceeded their admission requirements.

To successfully play the Admissions Game, high school juniors need to formulate a strategy to apply to college. Now is the time to create a college preparation ‘to do’ list every month of this spring semester.

Game Plan for January 2021

1. Study, study, study!

2. Grades are paramount!

3. Crucial to Achieve Top Grades/High GPA Junior Year!

4. Do Study for SAT/ACT!

5. Do Look at SAT/ACT Test Schedules for Spring Semester!

6. Start Researching Colleges!

7. Schedule Virtual Tours of Colleges!

8. Continue plugging away at Extra-Curricular Activities!

9. Plan Summer 2021 Activity!


REMEMBER: Juniors are running out of time to build their resume of academics and activities.

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