Really? The phrases our society comes up with these days…

Pandemic Life OVER!

I for one, thought COVID was in my rear-view mirror. Or that is what I wanted to believe.

Yeah baby! I began to embrace the new ‘roaring 20’s’ and was makin’ plans! For many months, we have been dining indoors at restaurants (a novel concept), welcoming friends and family inside our home (another novel concept), scheduled a vacation (bought airplane tickets and paid in advance for hotels, and wait for it, got tickets to see the Eagles perform live at Madison Square Garden in NYC in 2 weeks! Imagine that! I know! I just blew your mind!

Delta Variant

Well, the party train is slowin’ down. Shiat! To my dismay, the new ‘Delta’ COVID strain , is spreadin’ like wildfire throughout the good ‘ole U.S. of A., latching on to our fellow peeps who ‘chose’ not to get vaccinated.

Freedom to Choose

Once again, who comes up with these phrases?

When I was in law school, like 100 years ago, the best class (in my esteemed opinion) I took was Constitutional Law. Oh yes! One full year of reading and analyzing the legal cases that were argued before and ultimately decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. I was fascinated by the historical development of case law that culminated in Landmark Decisions rendered by the Court.

Clearly, I was profoundly mesmerized by the U.S. Constitution, which became my legal ‘bible’.

To this day, it is ingrained in my soul that the U.S. Constitution is a masterpiece…drafted by our ‘forefathers’ to be a ‘living, breathing’ document to be interpreted to grow with a young nation. Yes, to grow with an ever-changing society, to afford inalienable rights to ‘We the People’ to flourish.

Let’s just cut to the chase. What does any of this constitutional hyperbole have to do with COVID-19?

News flash Sistahs: During a global pandemic, there is no freedom to choose to take a vaccine. It is not a choice. It is a responsibility to your countrymen and women, your family, friends, and to yourself.

The Global Stage

In my experience as a human being living amongst other humans in a global society, I thought we had a responsibility to each other.

Somewhere along the way, thanks to the invention of ‘social media’, ‘rumors’ evolved into fake news. The mass dissemination of false information, has splintered our society. We no longer ‘love they neighbor’.

The sad part of this tale, is that the people who exercised their self-proclaimed ‘freedom of choice’ to not get the COVID vaccine, are the same people who are suffering the most from COVID now. It pains me to see my fellow countrymen hospitalized and gravely ill with COVID. This scenario is so tragic, because the vaccine would have limited the severity of this virus, prevented the increase in hospitalizations and countless deaths.

Vaccines and Urban Legends

I can understand why anyone could be ‘vaccine hesitant’. However,…is a person’s reluctance to take a lifesaving vaccine premised upon scientific information or urban legends?

COVID-19 Vaccine Urban Legends

1. The Government, or Microsoft, or Aliens have implanted a Computer Chip into each vaccine.

2. The Computer Chip can ‘track’ your movement.

3. The Vaccine can make you magnetic.

4. Yes, Magnetic: I actually saw on television a woman claim she was ‘magnetized’ by the vaccine, as she desperately tried to show how a spoon can attach to her chest.

5. FYI: The Spoon did not attach to her chest. It attached to the ground, because it fell there.

6. On a personal note, I believe my husband implanted a computer chip years ago in my tush; that man knows when I am sneakin’ into TJ Maxx!

COVID-19 Vaccine Scientific Information

1. Yes, COVID Vaccines are ‘New’.

2. Many people are not aware of the extensive global effort put forth to develop COVID Vaccines.

3. Many people do not know that the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA technology has been studied for over 30 years.

4. Many people do not know that the mRNA vaccines will eventually provide new treatments for autoimmune illnesses, because they do not suppress the immune system.

Prior to the availability of the COVID vaccine, I spoke with all my physicians regarding the safety and efficacy of the vaccine.

Girlfriends, I have a lot of physicians. It is hard to believe, but most of them are way smarter than me. Yes, I defer to their medical backgrounds and experience. All my physicians unanimously told me to get the COVID vaccine.

Pandemic NOT OVER!

This freakin’ pandemic is totally not over. I am NOT a happy camper. I do not want to continue to live in this COVID nightmare.

For instance. Yesterday, I was at the local supermarket, and I needed to get a dish detergent — ‘Dawn Power Spray’ (amazing for the cleaning up dishes, pots, pans). When I approached the detergent aisle, I was in shock!

Deja vu! Several shelves were empty! It was COVID II re-boot. I felt light-headed and almost hyper-ventilated in my mask. A grocery employee was in that aisle (less than 6 feet away from me), and I asked, “What happened? Why are the shelves empty?” The employee replied, “Don’t you know… there is a pandemic goin’ on, and there is a shortage of truckers, and supplies”. Oh, thank you. Like I did not know there was a pandemic happenin’.

Oh, and by the way, if you have not noticed when you are inside stores, most if not all the employees and many customers are wearing masks. Again.

Excuse me…are you wondering why peeps are wearin’ masks? According to my physicians, “a mask must be worn indoors to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated”.

The New Reality

Clearly, we all will be living with COVID for year years to come. The only way We the People will overcome this pandemic, is to vaccinate. Period, end of story.

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