The Ivy League Colleges Record Low Admission Rates!

Did you apply to an Ivy League College? The Ivy’s officially released regular decisions last night, April 6, 2020 at 7pm EST. At the time of this writing, Cornell did not report.

My friends, dreams can and do come true. Case in point: Kwasi Enin Class of 2018 was accepted to every Ivy League College and Duke University.

But that was 2014, and this is 2021. Fast forward to NOW.

Ivy League Colleges Record Low Admission Rates For the Class of 2025!

How low was the admit rate this year at the Ivy League Colleges? So Low… that no one was accepted. Just kidding.

However, not far off the mark of no one getting accepted to the Ivy’s this admissions cycle.

Kleenex or paper towel anyone? Since the pandemic has eased up and paper supplies are-a-plenty, I can give you a case or two of my Charmin or Bounty or both.

The Ivy League Admission Verdict for the Class of 2025

Drumroll please! Let’s cut to the chase and list the results. No one has time for my bullshiat right now.

The Class of 2025 marked the LOWEST ADMIT RATE in the History of Each Ivy League College:

1. HarvardClass 2025: 3.43% Class 2024: 4.92%

2. PrincetonClass 2025: 4% Class 2024: 5.6%

3. ColumbiaClass 2025: 3.66% Class 2024: 6.1%

4. Yale: Class 2025: 4.6% Class 2024: 6.54%

5. UPennClass 2025: 5.68% Class 2024: 8.07%

6. BrownClass 2025: 5.4% Class 2024: 6.9%

7. Cornell:

8. DartmouthClass 2025: 6.17% Class 2024: 8.8%

Total Number of Applicants Class of 2025

1. Harvard: 57,435 up +43%

2. Princeton: 37,601 up +15%

3. Columbia: 60,551 up + 51%

4. Yale 46,905 up +33%

5. UPenn: 56,333 up +34%

6. Brown: 46,568 up +27%

7. Cornell:

8. Dartmouth: 28,357 up +33%

Total Number of High School Students Who Woke Up This Morning Knowing They Will NOT Attend an Ivy League College in the Fall:

1. Harvard: 56,212

2. Princeton: 36,103

3. Columbia: 58,333

4. Yale: 41,599

5. UPenn: 53,133

6. Brown: 44,031

7. Cornell:

8. Dartmouth: 26,042

The Number of Applicants Accepted Regular Decision and Early Decision to an Ivy College:

  1. HarvardRegular Decision: 1,223 students Early Action: 747 students

2. PrincetonRegular Decision: 1,498 students Early Action: n/a

3. ColumbiaRegular Decision: 2,218 students Early Decision: 650

4. YaleRegular Decision: 1,332 students Early Action: 837 students

5. UPennRegular Decision: 2,008 students Early Decision: 1,194 students

6. BrownRegular Decision: 1,652 students Early Decision: 885 students

7. Cornell:

8. DartmouthRegular Decision: 1,749 students Early Decision: 566 students

Ivy Decision 2021 In a Nutshell

To be clear, these admission results are pure insanity. I have been following college admissions for some time. I have lived through this nightmare with my two sons, my friends and their children, and the list goes on.

Why is the admissions process a total disappointment for so many qualified and overqualified applicants this year? I hate to say it, but it is almost like asking the question at a Passover Seder (Why is this night different from other nights?).

Well boys, girls, parents and grandparents, the short answer is that college admissions were totally screwed up this year because of the pandemic. You know, COVID-19.

As a result of COVID, life paused in 2020 for everyone. It even cancelled standardized tests: the SAT and ACT. Since these exams were cancelled, all colleges went ‘test optional’, and did not require standardized tests be submitted with the college application for 2020–2021.

And that my friends opened up the flood gates for the onslaught of applications to every top college that is normally the reach college for most students.

I knew this was coming. I am not going to pontificate at this time. I will not preach to the choir. I will let the dust settle and allow for everyone to process these admission numbers.

PARENTAL ADVICE: Please tell your children (yes, they are children), that you love them; you believe in them; they are worthy; they are capable; they are intelligent; an acceptance to a ‘top’ or an ‘elite’ or an ‘ivy’ college does not validate them.

The reality is, that when a college reports an admit rate of 3%, that means that 97% of the students who applied, did NOT get accepted. These colleges do NOT have enough freshman, first year seats to meet the overwhelming demand of applications. Thus, even though 3% of students were accepted, the reality is, no one was accepted.

I can’t even fathom all the brilliant, capable, over-qualified, beautiful children that were rejected. And yes, in this group of rejected applicants, will emerge future CEOs, Presidents, Governors, Educators, Physicians, Entrepreneurs, Mothers, Fathers, and Grandparents.

WISEWORDS: A college does not define a person; the individual defines the college. Attend the college that will foster your intellectual and social growth in a setting that is conducive to your subjective needs.

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