College Applicants Cannot Disguise Themselves from the Dean of Undergraduate Admissions

A high school senior cannot dupe the Dean of Undergraduate Admissions.


The Dean of Undergraduate Admissions is an expert at reviewing college applications. I am confident they have reviewed tens of thousands of applications throughout their career. The dean can sniff out the applicant who is lying about their extra-curricular activities.

Put this in perspective. Most students apply to college when they are 17 years old. There is only so much time in the day to do something, let alone find a cure for cancer or dig wells for water in Africa.

A legitimate candidate boasts a genuine, accurate resume that reflects unique activities. An in-depth review of extra-curricular activities evidence the student’s fulfillment of his or her passion. The Dean wants to see the evolution of the student’s engagement, which evidence subjective qualities such as leadership, creativity, fortitude.

The evolution of a student’s engagement occurs over several years, not just in a few months. A legitimate resume of extra-curricular activities is a concise road map for the Dean to track how a student’s interests and curiosity over time developed. Again, the information gleaned from the resume allow the Dean and the admissions team to discern the subjective components of the student, such as leadership abilities, determination, long term goals, and the fulfillment of their passion.

The Dean will rely upon teacher recommendations, and other student evaluations that are submitted along with the application.

In addition, the essay component to the application is also critical to this process.

The Dean in many ways is a detective, who has the ability to piece together the true identity of the applicant. Ultimately, a comprehensive review of the entire application will evidence a legitimate candidate.

WISEWORDS: The Dean can detect students who ‘dress up their resume’ to disguise their accomplishments and their true identity.

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