VOTE to Be Part of the Solution!

My friend J. told me several years ago.. “BE PART OF THE SOLUTION NOT PART OF THE PROBLEM.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, I ask you all to heed those words of wise wisdom.


Vote to elect U.S. Senators, U.S. Congressmen and Congresswomen, All State, County, Local Officials, Judges, District Attorneys, to represent the majority of the Americans who live in the present and future, not the past.

As we all know, the Conservative Justices on the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade, which legalized abortion for over 50 years. These Justices abrogated their Judicial responsibility to:

  1. Implement legal principles of stare decisis and precedent.
  2. Have an awareness of society’s needs, namely that of the majority of the people.

By overturning Roe, the Conservative Justices, in my eyes, forever tarnished the respectability of the Supreme Court. The Justices essentially gave a big fu#k you to all the esteemed, brilliant Men and Women who previously served on the Court.

Not nice. Where is the justice? Don’t answer that.

2 thoughts on “VOTE TO BE PART OF THE SOLUTION! #mybodymychoice”

  1. Like when my grandfather would send my father books he requested in college… he also requested money but that never showed up — addressing this my father complained to my grandfather he hadn’t sent the money — to which my grandfather replied he had… within the pages of the requested books my father clearly wasn’t reading… if mentioning me by name is a way of gauging if I’m reading your pieces — success! Great simple directive. We all need to re post this (or be part of the problem…)

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