Hello my girlfriends! A shout out to all of us on this blessed Mother’s Day!

And so, what! Is Mother’s Day any different than a Tuesday?

Hell NO!

Is Mother really celebrated?

Hell NO!

Is Mother truly appreciated?

Hell NO!

For the child who was potty trained at 2.5 years: Did you know that yo’ mama changed your shiatty/peepee diapers approximately 7,304 times? What about the stubborn child who refused to potty train until they were 4 years old, and had approximately 11,680 diapers changed?

Hell NO!

Where is the love? Who makes me my coffee on Mother’s Day? Nespresso!

Who does the laundry on Mother’s Day? The Village Idiot, a.k.a. Mama!

For the love of yo’ mama, do y’all remember COVID lockdown? Does Gay’s Diner, opened 24/7, served over 5,323 meals ring a bell?

Hell NO!

Whew! I am glad I got that off my chest!

To be clear, I love being mom. Not just to my kids, but to all the kids I have pseudo-adopted throughout the years. The more the merrier.

In earnest, I have tried to create a home environment where all my kids can thrive and simply be loved.

On this day, holiest of all mama days, I think of my friend Vicki who left us and her kids way too soon almost seven years ago. A wise mama, who had a beautiful smile and huge heart.

We had a mama understanding: I could yell at her kids; she could yell at mine. Very fair, right? No hard feelings.

To this day, I still tell her kids what to do. But it is ok. Because we love each other and keep the memory of their mama alive in our hearts, minds and souls.

So today, I get to share the day with all my kids, my sister, my niece, a daughter in-law, grandkids, husband, and stepfather. Oh, and yes, I still have my mama — that old broad that still drives us all crazy.

Lucky me and cheers to a very Happy Mother’s Day!

PS- no one has kissed the ground I walk on yet!

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