Sylvia and Abe are coming for dinner! And… staying for the weekend. Yes, their first sleep-over in one year. Lucky me.

The recent headline on the New York Times front page read “President’s Goal: July 4 gatherings with close family”. I ask you: Isn’t that special? Oy vey.

We all get to be one happy family under one roof once again. Think about. Parents, stepfathers, wicked stepmothers, spouses, partners, kids, grandkids, aunts, uncles, cousins, dogs, cats. If I left anyone off this list, you can be sure one of these cast of characters will be pissed at me.

Welcome to Gay’s World! In family situations, always behind the eight ball, can’t run away far enough. Body armor is useless. Family members’ attacks are subtle — it is an emotional and mental warfare. Too many personalities. Too many emotional issues. Too much drama. Too many grudges. Way too much baggage.

The upside of COVID: No family arguments, because there were no family gatherings.
A one-year respite. I know… you are thinking, ‘Gay, you are such a bitch’.

Oh, come on now. This is NOT unique. Sadly, my family, is your family. What can we do? Not much.

The Grandparents are Fully Vaccinated

That’s right. The Grandparents are fully vaccinated and are running into the opened arms of their families.

The honeymoon of familial peace and harmony should last about a day. If we are lucky.

Let the games begin!

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