This is the tale of the desperate high school student, her fairy godmother, and some magical fairy dust.

Once upon a time, a high school student was spotted by her fairy godmother walking home from school. The young woman was a brilliant student. She had a perfect GPA and test scores, compelling references, and boasted unique Extra-Curricular Activities (EC’s). In fact, she was an accomplished violinist and wrote the code for a social media app she created. She also contributed to developing the COVID Vaccine. This young woman was the ‘real deal’.

Despite all of these successes, she was suffering. She recently applied to 12 top colleges and feared she would get rejected from all these schools.

The pimply faced student was a nervous wreck and believed her entire life was dependent upon getting not just to a top college, but an elite college. The fairy godmother understood all too well that while this young woman held the world in her hand, she was afraid of ‘not being good enough’ in the eyes of her peers and parents.

The wise fairy godmother knew that this impressionable, overachieving young woman placed too much emphasis on getting accepted to a ‘fabled’ ‘prestigious’ ‘elite’ college.

In fact, the fairy godmother believed that a college or university does not define a person, but it is the person who defines the academic institution.

The fairy godmother wanted to help and offered this young woman a small amount of fairy dust to make one wish. This was not the first time this fairy godmother came upon a competitive high school student and their singular vision of attending an elite college. She simply wrote these kids off as ‘meshugganah’.

What is a little fairy dust to a godmother? Why not grant one magical wish to give a bit of confidence!

If you were a desperate high school student who wanted to attend a top college, what would you wish for?

1. The End of World Hunger?

2. Peace on Earth?

3. Equal Pay?

4. The End of Racial Inequality?

5. The End of COVID?

Hell no!

It is important to note this student is not a callous person and does wish the world good fortune. In fact, this student founded several humanitarian charitable organizations to exemplify her leadership and passion towards global issues, which were identified on her Extra-Curricular Activities (EC’s) list.

Let us get back to the wish. This desperate student’s only wish was to get accepted to Princeton or Duke University.

The godmother placed a small amount of fairy dust in the palm of the young woman’s hands. She closed her eyes, made a wish and blew the dust away.

Lo and behold, there was a flash of light and the young woman fell to the ground and proclaimed “hallelujah’! Yes, she literally ‘saw the light’. You betcha baby, the Admissions Goddess appeared.

The Admissions Goddess Words of Wisdom

And wouldn’t you like to know what the Goddess said!

The Admissions Goddess told the young woman that the applicants to the class of 2025 possess extraordinary academic excellence and personal accomplishment in and outside of the classroom.

However, this year is unlike any other application year. COVID has turned our world upside down. We all have dealt with the loss or illness of a family member or friend. The innocence of childhood has been derailed.

Despite this global upheaval, the student community continues to exhibit an enormous amount of resilience. It is believed by many that this generation of student has the capacity to be our best generation.

Higher institutions also recognize this generation to be plagued by stress, burnout and anxiety. Indeed, these kids are presented with serious and emotional challenges.

This is to be taken seriously. All nation’s top universities are grappling with this new demand of complex mental health challenges of stress, anxiety and depression and their overall effect on academics, future career paths, and the fulfillment of life in general.

All students must understand that it is more important for them to attend a college or university that can help them negotiate and navigate these mental health challenges. The student ought to attend the school that is willing to adapt to meet the needs of their student body to help them unlock their ultimate potential.

WISEWORDS: Attend the College or University that will allow the student to grow emotionally, socially and academically.

Now is not the time to focus on the elite named college, the Louis Vuitton bag. We all need to heal emotionally and physically from this pandemic.

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