I’m baaaaack! I know, you missed me. My Concierge business is-a-boomin’!

Ms. Popular

I have never been more popular. Perhaps it is due to my good looks, or the new shade of lipstick called ‘you want me baby’.

I don’t know if everyone wants ME or wants a COVID vaccine. All I know, is that people are constantly texting me, slipping notes under my door, and calling me.

Where were all these people when I was in high school? To think of the years and years of therapy that could have been avoided!

A Dose of Reality

Goddam COVID vaccine — impossible to schedule an appointment.

Enter Gay’s Concierge Service! My husband calls me a dog without bone — so loving, right? I am determined to score a vaccine for anyone who wants one.

Since January, I now have over 100 vaccine notches on my belt. A textbook case of OCD!

I am scheduling appointments all day and night. When I get up to pee at 1am, 2am, 3am (yes, that often), I check my phone to see if I can grab an appointment for someone. And yes, I sit there in my office, on the grand toilet, booking vaccinations at 2am.

Yes, I am exhausted, the pay sucks, and I am always looking for that next available appointment.

And why not?

The Solution: Acts of Kindness

In order to resume a ‘new normal’, we must help each other. As my friend Jennifer told me years ago, ‘you must be part of the solution, not part of the problem’.

Amen. Inspirational words that I recite every day. This is a time to help other human beings. Not to judge or hate.

I schedule appointments for people that are orange, purple, green and come from Mars. What do I care? I have never met most of the people, and so what?

All I know is everyone is hard working, kind, and loves their family. Some people have serious underlying health conditions, other people still grieve over the loss of a loved one due to COVID. I scored a vaccine for my friend Kristin at midnight, and a few hours later she was on the road at 6am driving over 100 miles to get her first dose. Other people like Jeff (age 62), texted me “you just changed everything about my future thank you! There are tears in my eyes…Thank you so much!

Then there is my sistah Lori. Oy… The self-proclaimed COVID Hermit, who followed every safety precaution. While I was searching for an appointment for her, she got COVID. Horrible. Talk about Jewish guilt. The good news is that she recovered, although it took a few weeks.

I finally scheduled her first dose last week — Lori felt she won the lottery and cried. She is a smart person, appreciates science and data. The opportunity to be vaccinated was symbolic — to be able to be united with our parents who are in their mid-80s.

What a true blessing to help people unconditionally.

Please get a vaccine! I really need to stop wearing a mask and finally get fillers on the lower part of my face.


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