Happy New Year 2021! Get Your Ass Out of Bed and Workout!

Now THAT Is A Leg Stretch!

Excuse me, but I never thought it was possible for anyone to ever stretch their legs out horizontally and get a bonus view of your crotch. Really.

Do not let the photo in this article discourage you from working out. To be clear, I am physically incapable of ever touching my toes, let alone my heels or ankles. I believe that toes should be seen; not touched as part of an exercise.

Welcome to 2021. Yes, the pandemic still rages on and I am still living under a stay-at-home order. Other than cooking, cleaning, laundry, family walks and binge watching, what is a girl to do?

I know! Workout two hours a day! Ask my friends, they can attest to my regimented workouts. I practice what I preach. My mantra is #NOPAIN #NOGAIN!

Fitness has been deliberately incorporated into my daily life for over thirty years. My excuse, if I need one, is that I have a chronic back ailment, and exercise is critical for me to physically function.

What have I learned working out with experts such as physical therapists, private coaches and trainers for over thirty plus years? Exercise must be executed correctly and consistently in order to maximize results. We all want to see the noticeable increase of muscle strength and tone, the improvement of cardiovascular function, which cumulatively improves mental acuity and provides anti-aging benefits.

I am living this science experiment. When I do not exercise, my back hurts and I feel and look like shit. #TRUE

Throughout the years, I have trained my friends. Yes, they come to my house, and they want me to literally ‘work them out” to tone their body and lose weight. I assume the role of drill sergeant. #TRUE

Top Reasons Why My Friends Workout!

  1. Get rid of stomach bloat.
  2. Want ‘six pack’ abs.
  3. Loathe ‘love’ handles.
  4. Hate Hips.
  5. Hate Thighs.
  6. Arms.
  7. Lose weight.

In my makeshift gym, we do not body shame or fat shame! We are friends and love each other! However, the body complaints are universal.

The bottom line: it is critical that exercises are done properly to avoid injury and to optimize results.

In order for me to survive a second lockdown, I hope to share not only my work out secrets, but anti-aging secrets in the upcoming weeks and months.

Cheers to a healthy and happy 2021!

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