Pray to the Dean of Admissions to Get Accepted!


The college applications are submitted! Deadlines are met! What next? Welcome to the waiting game. There literally is nothing left to be done. The application is now in God’s hands — no, not that god, the other one, the Dean of Undergraduate Admissions.

No college application is a ‘slam dunk’ for admission, unless your name is Zion Williamson and have a direct telephone line to the basketball god. #GOBLUEDEVILS!

I am speaking to you — the parent. There are rules to this waiting game. Parents cannot influence the admissions decision. As we learned from the Varsity Blues Scandal, under no circumstances can you send a letter to the Dean that contains a check, cash or gift card. #NO!

Parents cannot send an Edible Arrangement (the large assortment that has the full chocolate dipped strawberries and half dipped pineapple flowers) to the Dean or Admissions Officers. #NO!

In fact, parents and students are prohibited from contacting the college admissions office once the application is submitted. #NO!

The only person who is permitted to contact admissions on behalf of the student is the guidance counselor. #FUNFACT

It is true, only the guidance can advocate on behalf of the student once the college application is submitted. The guidance counselor is permitted to call and/or email the Admissions office and speak with the regional admissions officer responsible for overseeing the student’s application.

In the event there are new developments regarding the student’s profile that could positively enhance the cumulative review of the application, the guidance counselor can contact admissions and provide the additional documentation if deemed warranted and permitted by admissions.

WISEWORDS: In the admissions game , patience is a virtue.

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